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Adding synthetic pet turf can transform a dog run into a lush green area. Mesa Artificial Turf's synthetic turf is the perfect choice for veterinary clinics, dog parks, and kennels. It is much safer for your dog to play on than cement and gravel. Our pros in Mesa, AZ offer a variety of installation methods to suit your dog's needs. Contact us now!

Artificial Turf For Dogs in Mesa AZ

If you have a dog, you might consider getting an artificial turf for dogs service. It is much easier to clean up after your dog since it doesn't die back like real grass. Unlike real grass, synthetic turf has drainage holes that channel urine down to the sub base below. With a quick rinse, you can clean up any puddles that may occur. Many people lose their dream yard when they get a dog. After all, dogs are notorious for digging up and destroying grass blades. Dog daycare facilities can also benefit from an artificial turf for dogs service in Mesa, AZ. These turfs are designed for indoor and outdoor use. They won't become stained or damaged by excessive traffic. You can also use the turf in areas with high foot traffic, such as dog daycare centers. If your doggie daycare needs to provide a natural environment for its customers, our quality artificial turf for dogs service in Mesa Artificial Turf is a great choice. These artificial turf products will be safe and durable for your pet's needs.

Unlike natural grass, synthetic turf is designed to last more than twenty years. Unlike natural grass, synthetic grass won't show any signs of wear or tear from your pet. Because synthetic grass is formulated with advanced technology, it won't need regular mowing and grooming. Even though an artificial grass installation will cost you money up front, it will pay for itself in no time. The benefits far outweigh the initial cost, which will become practically free over time. Many dog lovers are now opting for artificial grass for their dog parks and daycare centers. These pet turfs are safer for dogs because they don't have toxic chemicals. In addition, dogs can't damage the turf with muddy paws, which makes it the ideal choice for dog parks and daycare centers. Additionally, many dog boarders prefer artificial turf to traditional grass because it doesn't contain harmful chemicals. Artificial turf is a great option for your dog's daycare or home.

Our artificial turf installation company in Mesa, AZ uses urethane backing instead of traditional grass. This type of backing is made for moderate-to-high-rainfall areas. Because of this, urine and poop cannot be absorbed into the artificial grass, and will instead stay between the backing and yarn. The odor is almost impossible to eliminate because pee gets trapped in between the yarn and backing. Artificial grass made with urethane backing comes in different styles with pile heights ranging from two inches to eighty inches. 

An artificial turf for dogs service is a wonderful way to reduce your dog's need for yard maintenance. This kind of turf does not contain the natural elements that can attract ticks and parasites. However, you must remember that you cannot completely eliminate these issues. Your dog's fur and dander can still pose a threat if it's not kept clean. In order to reduce this risk, it is important to ensure the cleanliness of your artificial turf. This turf is made of recycled materials. The resulting product is safe and easy to maintain, with a seven/8-inch pile height. Unlike real grass, artificial turf can be washed off easily. It will stay looking like new as long as you keep it hosed off. Pet turf is a great choice for dog owners who want to prevent their dogs from becoming tripped over. It also feels soft underfoot, making it a popular choice for dogs.

Artificial grass can be an excellent choice for dog parks and daycare centers. Dog lovers can feel comfortable knowing their dogs will not get tangled up in grass. Since artificial grass is less likely to absorb moisture, it's easier to clean up pet waste. Pet owners can use a pooper-scooper or clean up pet waste easily with a mild soap and water. The maintenance requirements of artificial grass are very low. If your dog's play area requires frequent cleanup, artificial turf services can be an excellent solution. These surfaces are durable and easy to clean, and they won't fade from constant exposure to dog traffic. Some turf even come with a manufacturer's warranty and can last as long as 20 years. In addition to dog daycares, artificial turf for dogs services can be an excellent choice for dog boarding facilities. You can purchase a roll or buy an artificial grass mat and install it wherever you need it.

When choosing the best artificial turf for dogs, consider the amount of moisture and rainfall you experience in your area. Artificial grass is less likely to absorb pet waste than conventional grass. You should check with your local landscaper about the amount of water that your area experiences, as this will affect the quality of your turf. You should also check with your local dog park's rules. They will know how much water your dog needs to relieve itself in a day. Dogs also love to play outdoors, and synthetic turf provides a safe, comfortable place for your pet to run around. A natural lawn may become damaged by pet waste, and it may develop holes and brown or yellow spots. Your pet might also be inclined to lick their paws and floors, which can leave ugly brown spots. Artificial turf prevents this problem from occurring. These services will also keep your linoleum free of muddy stains.

Benefits of Artificial Turf for Dogs

Avoids Muddy Conditions

A dog's natural instinct is to enjoy playing outside on a clean surface and an artificial turf for dogs offers both of these advantages. In addition to avoiding muddy conditions, synthetic turf is low-maintenance and requires no chemicals to maintain. With artificial turf, dog owners do not have to worry about scrubbing muddy paw prints off of carpets or floors. During rainy weather, a synthetic turf will help to prevent muddy conditions on the floor and reduce the amount of dirt and insects that will be attracted to your dog.

Many artificial turf for dogs come with an infill to help keep the blades upright. This infill can be made of sand, silica sand, copper slag, or even rounded quartz core. Some infill materials are also antimicrobial, which can help with odor control. If you want to avoid muddy conditions for your dog, you can opt for an artificial turf system with infill that is dye-free and made from rubber or ceramic. Other pet-friendly options include smooth gravel and pavers. Unlike natural grass, artificial turf for dogs also doesn't require regular maintenance. It does not require mowing or any products for cleaning. Dogs will be happier and more active on an artificial turf surface. Artificial turf also helps reduce the risk of your dog becoming ill by getting into muddy conditions. In addition to providing a better environment for your pet, artificial turf for dogs is safer for your lawn and home.

Does Not Require Pest Control

One of the advantages of synthetic grass over natural grass is that it does not require weed killer, fertilizers, or pest control products. Because synthetic grass does not absorb urine or feces, your pet will not become a pest, and he or she can play on the lawn without fear of ingesting any harmful chemicals. Plus, it is too durable for your dog to chew up, so you don't need to worry about cleaning up any mess. Using artificial turf also cuts down on fleas and ticks on dogs. Because artificial grass is made to look like grass, dog feces are less likely to be deposited on it. Additionally, the uniformity of the grass makes it easy to spot and spray down any area that has pet waste. You can also easily pick up your dog's waste by using a pooper-scooper and a simple solution of mild soap and water.

Since insects don't feed on real grass, they move elsewhere. If your dog eats grass, the artificial turf will simply attract them elsewhere. As a result, you won't need to use insecticides to keep your dog from digging up your lawn. However, if your dog gets bored with the artificial turf, it will most likely stop grazing on it.

Low Maintenance

Low-maintenance artificial turf is an excellent choice for a dog's yard. A dog's paws are delicate and sensitive, and a turf made from rubber or sand can be uncomfortable for your pooch. Fortunately, there are many options for low-maintenance grass for your pooch. The best artificial grass for dogs is permeable, which helps prevent odors and unsanitary conditions. The best artificial grass contains UV-resistant materials, which reduces the risk of fading and discoloration. A faded turf can become an eyesore and violate HOA regulations. It can also upset your neighbors. Therefore, it's important to purchase an artificial turf that has a high-density surface.

The most durable and low-maintenance turf for dogs will have a drainage system. A synthetic turf will have holes in the backing for water and dirt to drain. This makes cleaning a snap. Additionally, dogs don't like the smell of rubber or pea gravel, so they'll appreciate the fact that the turf won't hold on to pet odors. It's also important to choose a surface made of durable fibers and a base material that won't absorb too much moisture.

Environmental Impact

Artificial turf for dogs is ideal for backyards, as it can increase your dog's activity level and reduce your water usage. Unlike natural grass, artificial turf requires little maintenance and doesn't require harmful pesticides. You can also install a designated pet potty in a small section of your yard. These features make artificial grass for dogs ideal for homes with small dogs.  Synthetic turf for dogs is also better for the environment than natural grass. It does not require the use of pesticides, fertilizers, or herbicides, which can harm humans and animals and pollute the environment. Moreover, plastic is an inert substance, and it takes at least 450 years to break down naturally. However, synthetic turf can be recycled. It can help you save money and the environment.

As an environmentally friendly alternative to natural grass, artificial turf can help you save a significant amount of water. However, the infill material is often made of recycled tire rubber, which contains a wide range of heavy metals and organic contaminants. These pollutants are harmful to the environment and can also pose a health risk. This type of turf is a popular choice for pet owners with dogs, so it's best to shop around.


A dog's comfortable environment can reduce the need for expensive vet visits and reduce the cost of pet care. Artificial turf is easy to clean and has high flow drainage rates, making it an excellent option for pet owners. Compared to gravel or cement, which can irritate paw pads, artificial turf is soft and comfortable for your pet. Artificial turf is also safer for dogs, as it doesn't contain harmful chemicals. The soft surface of artificial turf also means your dog won't develop allergies or skin conditions due to dirt and other pollutants.

There are many pros and cons to choosing artificial turf for your dog's environment. First, the surface needs to be breathable, preventing odors and unsanitary conditions. Secondly, the material should be dense enough to resist flattening and ensuring that the pet's waste is not trapped underneath. Ideally, the turf should weigh about 70 to 90 ounces, but a higher pile height is recommended. Furthermore, some companies offer heat-resistance fibers, which keep your dog cooler. Non-fraying construction is also helpful to chewy dogs.

Aesthetic Appeal

There are many advantages to artificial turf for dogs. It enhances the aesthetic appeal of your yard. Having a lawn with green grass is more appealing than one with brown spots. Dogs are active and can tear up natural grass. Using artificial turf allows you to keep your beautiful yard and still allow your pets to roam freely. Whether you have a small dog or a large breed, artificial grass is a practical choice for your home.

Dogs don't want to walk around on dirt and grass that isn't clean, and artificial turf can help. You can buy a turf with a dog-friendly appearance by selecting a design with your dog's needs in mind. You can add infill with silica granules, sand, or crumb rubber. Silica granules are preferred by most dog owners, and while they are more expensive than sand, they are soft and comfortable. Special synthetic grass is another attractive option that offers durability and resilience.

Taking Care of your Artificial Turf for Dogs

Installation of Artificial Turf for Dogs

Installing artificial grass for your dog's yard is a smart decision, as these floors don't absorb pet urine. In addition, the turf's non-absorbent infill prevents tripping hazards. The synthetic material also doesn't encourage weed growth, removing the need for weed killers. This means your dog won't suffer from the same problems as people do when their dogs destroy natural grass. To install turf, you'll need to prepare the area for installation. Before you start, prepare the surface by leveling it. Be sure to avoid divots, as they'll interfere with drainage. Avoid slopes, and lay weed barriers to keep out weeds from pushing up the turf. Next, place the turf where you want it, and trim the extra turf with a carpet knife. 

Once your artificial turf is installed, you'll need to add infill, which makes it look like a field of grass. Infill is available in various sizes and materials, and it's important to note that not all of them are suitable for dogs. Make sure to check compatibility before buying, as incompatible infill may harm your dog. Infill also helps to weigh down the turf, prevent divots, and provide additional cushioning underfoot. Infill is the material that lies underneath the grass layer. The infill should contain holes for drainage, which will keep urine from sinking into the turf. This prevents foul odors from occurring. Pile height refers to the length of the grass blades. The lower the pile, the quicker the drainage, and less cushioning. Higher pile height, on the other hand, will provide more cushioning and a plusher feel.

The process for installation of pet turf is simple and can be completed in one or two days. Most DIYers wonder if they can save money by installing artificial grass themselves. While it's possible to install artificial turf on a small scale, it's essential to hire a professional for large-scale applications. When considering the installation process, make sure to take note of the material you buy and the level of expertise required for this job.

Maintaining your Artificial Turf for Dogs

The best way to maintain your artificial turf for dogs is to regularly hose it down. This will help reduce ammonia build-up and odors. You should also clean the area thoroughly after a dog has defecated on the turf. Once your dog has defecated, you should hose down the turf for 48 hours to get rid of any remaining odors and dirt. To keep your turf looking perky, you should replenish the infill occasionally. Regularly water the turf to prevent dog urine build-up. Watering is essential because it allows urine to drain through to the base underlayment. Do not let the urine sit on the turf for too long as it can cause a foul odor. Watering the turf also helps to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungus that can wreak havoc on your artificial turf. In addition, watering it once a week should keep the area smelling fresh.

Maintaining artificial turf for dogs is a breeze when you install a pet-friendly turf. Quality artificial turf is durable enough to withstand a dog's nails and teeth. Your dog can't dig through it, reducing the risk of an allergy or ingestion. You also don't need to worry about using harsh chemicals because artificial turf is non-poisonous to pets. Using artificial turf in your dog's play area will give them hours of fun and exercise! Dogs can damage conventional grass because it won't withstand heavy traffic. However, pet turf is made of polyethylene blades, which are designed to last a decade or more. It will not turn to mud during heavy rains and won't need to be replaced anytime soon. Unlike traditional grass, artificial turf won't get muddy if your dog defecates on it, and it won't be a nuisance to clean it.

Just as with any artificial grass installation, pet turf installation begins with removing two to three inches of soil from the base of the turf. Next, a layer of two inches of class II road base material is spread on top. Compacted, the base is then covered with k9 turf deodorizer. Finally, the drain core is installed to keep the turf clean and odor-free. You will need to check the drain core regularly. When choosing a dog-friendly turf, it's important to ensure that the drainage system is well-designed. You want to be able to easily clean the surface without soaking the turf. A proper drainage system will help keep your turf free of bacteria and ammonia. This is especially important for K9 pet turf. In addition to allowing your dog to relieve themselves outdoors, artificial turf can help reduce water waste. You can even use rainwater to clean your turf. For more tips on how to maintain your artificial turf for dogs, contact us today!

What Type of Artificial Turf is Needed For Dogs?

There are many different types of artificial turf for dogs. Nylon, Polyethylene, and Polypropylene are the most common types of artificial turf. Each has different characteristics. Read on to learn more about each. These materials have different pile heights. These piles may be one inch or more. Some people choose a higher pile height. You may choose a lower pile height if your goal is a low pile. For an even lower pile height, choose a 1.25-inch pile. All of these types have different benefits and drawbacks. If you're wondering what is best for your dog, read this article. You'll find the answer to all of your questions. Here are some of the most common types of artificial turf for dogs:


If you're looking for a dog-friendly synthetic turf, you've come to the right place. Polypropylene is a popular material used to create pet turf. It is low-maintenance, self-draining, and easy to install. It is great for dog runs because it is safe for pets and is easy to clean. However, it doesn't come with a mat underneath, so you'll need to add one of your own. Insects and other creatures find it very attractive to live in real grass. The insects easily make their way into your dog's fur and can cause a host of other problems. By providing your dog with a polypropylene dog turf, you can say goodbye to ticks and other bugs that can damage your dog's coat and cause vet bills. It also doesn't stain, which means it's easy to clean and maintain.


Nylon is one of the strongest synthetic turf materials available. It is non-slip, UV-resistant, and heat-resistant, making it an excellent choice for high-traffic areas.  Nylon artificial turf is also the most durable type of artificial grass available on the market. Compared to polypropylene and polyethylene, nylon is two to three times stronger and more durable. It is also used in parachute cords, fishing lines, and tennis racket strings. In addition to being strong, nylon is also extremely soft and resilient, making it ideal for heavy-traffic areas. Nylon is the most popular type of artificial grass for backyard putting greens, but also comes with a higher price. When properly cared for, it will last for many years. Furthermore, nylon is more resilient and durable.


PE artificial turf has become increasingly popular in countries with limited rainfall. These conditions create a high demand for PE turf. PE turf can also withstand extreme temperatures and is a great option for playgrounds and sports fields. In addition, PE turf can be a very durable material that can withstand heavy use and heavy wear. It should last for ten to fourteen years, which is a great benefit for many people. It is an excellent option for playgrounds, sports fields, and other outdoor areas. Since polyethylene doesn't absorb water, it is the perfect choice for outdoor use. In addition to being UV resistant, polypropylene is also great for pets. It also doesn't deteriorate easily, which makes it ideal for backing purposes. 


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